Bhodhi Tree Leaf Henna on Boyfriend Tee


Super soft, tee representing new beginnings.  The design is an auspicious spade with a lotus inside, many om symbols and Ganesh.

Great blog article about this design Here

•  Original artwork

•  Printed with crystal vibration infused inks

•  This is like no shirt you have ever had before!

   Why is it amazing? 

High energy design

Ganesh is hidden in the bottom of the spade to help you destroy your obstacles!

 The color is infused into the fabric and never fades

•  Low cut armhole; easy, drapey fit

• Textured Cotton/ Polyblend

Model wearing small

Recommended Hang dry

Maroon/ Black Design
White Slube/ Blue Design
Mauve Slub / Henna Color
Military Green/ Black Design
Denim Blue/ Black Spade