July 17, 2018 2 min read

"No Mud, No Lotus" - Thich Nhat Hanh

Need a fresh start?
Getting Divorced?
healing from a broken heart?
Dealing with the death of a loved one or beloved pet?

Auspicious “giving or being a sign of future success”

Auspicious Spade? or New Beginnings?

We are what we think we are.

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes, or a shirt and worn it out of the store?

We all have. Something about that items represents the new us! The shift happens in our mind.

"I'll take it!" How we adorn the temple of our body can improve our feelings of self-worth.

Auspicious Spade Options Here

Why has the Auspicious spade been one of our most successful designs?

Recently I was doing having a wholesale appointment in the Silicon Valley. While I was finishing my presentation for the buyer a yoga class let out and a vivacious woman asked if the clothes were for sale? I looked at the buyer and for the first time ever, she said sell her something.

This woman named Ginger immediately put the top seller on. A gray dolman with our Henna spade print, and a henna design on the sleeve. It was a perfect fit and she was not taking it off.

When the yoga teacher of the class came out of the studio Ginger said. Becky, I’m buying you a shirt, get whatever you want. The yoga teacher like most yoga teachers was taken aback by what she was perceiving as a tip for something she loved doing. Ginger could feel the resistance.

“Your classes have been incredibly healing for me. I ‘ve been balling my eyes out. My only son died and these yoga classes have been incredibly healing to me.

You could hear a pin drop when she was sharing her heartbreak.

It was then that I realized the connection that this woman had unconsciously made to this design. The spade is a death card in card games. Something has to die for something new to take its place. This balance is essential to the destruction and creation of the universe in tantric philosophy

We all need to remind ourselves that the universe has a plan for us.
and are just suffering on a regular basis. "suffering is optional, not optimal"

Heal your broken heart, align with divine flow, and transcend your life's obstacles

Hidden in this design are:
Oms representing the higher vibration of the universe we can attune to.
A lotus representing the work in process evolution of our consciousness
Ganesh reminding us to be playful and fun as destroy the obstacles life continues to present us.