July 17, 2018 2 min read

Do you have fears of dark places?
Suffocating? Being left for dead? Drowning?
Not being able to tell your family how you feel about them before dying?

These fears were a reality for a Thai Soccer team trapped in flooding cave structure. The rescue was incredible.

How did the kids keep it together and survive this ordeal?

Luckily, the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave mile underground with tunnels filling with flood water had a superhero for a soccer coach.

What was his superpower?
Ekapol Chanthawong spent ten years training in meditation as a Buddhist monk before becoming a soccer coach for 11-16-year-olds.

The coach taught the boys to meditate. This helped them stay calm, peaceful, and conserve oxygen. It was a life and death situation.  Meditation helped the kids manage their fears.  We all have them.

The coach spent an hour meditating individually with each boy prior to them being extricated from the cave.

This was one of the most challenging rescues in recent memory.
A Thai Navy Seal diver died during the rescue process.

No this is not a based on a true story Jerry Bruckheimer movie just yet.

The founder of Blue Throat Yoga Paul Muller Ortega calls meditation the most efficacious practice. It cleans the body, mind, and spirit.

I began meditating regularly in 2000 and never stopped.
When you have no energy, meditation will give you energy.
When you have mental anguish, meditation will relieve it.

The universe will give you incredible gifts of information when you allow your mind to be still.

Every emotion we experience is stored in our body, in our emotions.
Are you suffering from too much stress? Are you not sleeping well?
Is your mind cluttered? Are you praying for an answer from the universe
See the meditation links below

You can meditate your way out of a life and death situation.
Ask any big wave surfer being held down in big surf that cannot figure out which way to the light.

Maybe you will never be held down by an enormous wave but you may have difficulty sleeping, or living fully in the present moment
Meditating on a regular basis relieves suffering.
"Suffering is optional, not optimal" - unknown source

Heal your broken heart, align with divine flow, and transcend your life's obstacles.

Below is a link to the article and a few of my favorite meditation resources:
The Dr. Joe Download is one of my favorite mediation tools for 2018!


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