Sleeveless Triblend Hoodie With Destroy Your Obstacles

Who is Ganesh?

He is the mythological Indian diety that helps you DESTROY YOUR OBSTACLES

This is such a great design to help you break free.   Develop abundance and pursue your freedom.   You were born free.

This is a magic statement.  I just love it!   One of my favorite new designs inspired said by my former life partner.

Ganesh makes up the "O"  

Destroy your obstacles.   Reduce the drama and stress.

This is one of our top selling items.  

50% Polyester 25% Cotton 25% Rayon Tri-Blend Jersey

Body Specification S M L XL XXL
HPS Length 27-5/8 28-1/8 28-5/8 29-1/8 29-5/8
Chest Width 16 17 18 19-1/2 21