Moonlight Tribe Cresting Wave and New Moon Vintage Tarot Card Triblend Tee


Inspired by my Moonlight meditation group started during Covid that meditates at Moonlight beach in Encinitas, CA.    Instagram for Moonlight Meditations here

We meditated at the beach as the moon left and sun rose daily starting at 6 am every day.  This group became a basis of community during the pandemic.   

One of three designs in the moonlight tribe collection all meant to look magical and mystical tarot cards.   This cresting wave with the northern star to help you stay on your path and the new moon represents embracing the unkown 

This is the perfect tee!  Tight around your arms and shoulders to highlight your best attributes.  Slim on the sides, but loose on your belly.  

•  Crystal vibration infused

•  Original artwork

•  This is like no shirt you have ever had before!

•  High energy design

•  Highly Recommend Hang dry 

•  50% Polyester 25% Cotton 25% Rayon

Lyon Blue
High Vibe Blue
Military Green