Octopus Linen Blend Tee

Super soft linen blended tee

Have you seen the Netflix "My Octopus Teacher"? trailer here linked

We loved that documentary, and we love the ocean.    

The octopus is really smart.   It is incredible at camouflage and hunting.   

The octopus is playful and fun!   


Model wearing a small tee and our new Geode Leggings

Printed in our Geodesic Dome

Original artwork

Printed with crystal vibration infused inks

Amethyst:  Protects your energy body

Quartz:  Brings you mental clarity, and spiritual receptiveness

Rose Quartz: Opens your heart

Citrine: Brings you joy, happiness, and eliminate negative energies from your life

Labradorite: Gives you strength, courage, and energy

85% Polyester 15% Linen

Pre-Laundered Fabric 

Crystal Vibration infused inks

Size measurements:

Sizes Measurements XS S M L XL
Hip Length 24 24.5 25 25.5 26
Chest Width 16.5 17.5 18.5 20 21.5