Effortless Elegance Tri-Blend Crew Neck Tee


What is the definition Grace?    Effortless Elegance

Let's invoke more flow and ease in our lives.   Let's let the universe do the work sometimes.

This is a magic statement.  I just love it!   One of my favorite new designs inspired by the meditations of Dr. Joe Dispenza

Ganesh makes up the "O"  

Destroy your obstacles.   Reduce the drama and stress.

Live an inspired life!   The shirt is infused with Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Citrine. 

Designed to:

Amethyst:  Protect your energy body

Rose Quartz: Open your heart

Quartz:  Bring you mental clarity, and spiritual receptiveness

Citrine: Bring you joy, happiness, and eliminate negative energies from your life

•Made in Encinitas

•There is also a 3" Ganesh on the right back shoulder to make sure Ganesh has always got your back.

• 50% Polyester 25% Cotton 25% Rayon