Grandfather Fox Cropped Long Sleeve Hoodie T-Shirt

Super soft and light with modest cropped body 

Grandfather fox is inspired by a recent San Pedro cactus journey I had with a Peruvian healer.  I said fox because I think of them as gentle.    This image can be interpreted as a fox, coyote, wolf, or another the animal of your choosing.     

The metatron's cube behind it ads to the myth and mystery with ancient sacred geometry.

Foxes are generally described as a quick, intelligent and adaptable animal which no doubt led to its importance as a symbol of cleverness in most cultures. 

The Moche people of ancient Peru often depicted the fox in their art, believing it be a warrior that would use its mind to fight instead of relying on physical attacks.

The fur looks psychedelic or just very vibrant incorporating the dark and light we all experience in our lives that make it an incredible journey.

  • Cut and sewn LA using partial solar power
  • Designed in Encinitas CA
  • Cuffed sleeve
  • Raw bottom hem
  • Pre-shrunk
  • The color is infused into the fabric and never fades

  • Recommended Hang dry

  • We use comprehensive recycling programs for paper waste and fabric scraps.

This shirt also features our multi crystal vibration infused Third Eye Threads logo on the back right shoulder.   

The shirt is infused with Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and now Labradorite, designed to...

Amethyst:  Protect your energy body

Quartz:  Bring you mental clarity, and spiritual receptiveness

Rose Quartz: Open your heart

Citrine: Bring you joy, happiness, and eliminate negative energies from your life

Labradorite: Give you strength, courage, and energy

Model is wearing a Small

High energy design


  • 50% Polyester, 25% ringspun cotton, 25% rayon
Athletic Gray