Ashtanga Outlier Crew Neck Tee


Outlier definition, something that lies outside the main body or group that it is a part of, such as a cow far from the rest of the herd.

We can take what works for us and leave the rest.      Sometimes I practice Ashtanga, or a hybrid of other styles.    The primary sequence is a great base to work off of.   I see it in Vinyasa classes all the time.

Incredible fit and fabric.  New Fabric blend available now as a light weight crew in a 60/40 wicking blend.

 Made in Encinitas 

Printed with crystal vibration infused inks

Amethyst:  Protects your energy body

Quartz:  Brings you mental clarity, and spiritual receptiveness

Rose Quartz: Opens your heart

Citrine: Brings you joy, happiness, and eliminate negative energies from your life

Labradorite: Gives you strength, courage, and energy

This is like no shirt you have ever had before!

  • High energy designs
  • Low cut armhole; easy fit, drapes nicely 
  • 60% Cotton/40% Polyester
  • Recommended hang dry

Model wearing medium.

Lyon Blue