Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie with Paisley Om

The Paisley om has distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India.

Om is a sacred Indian symbol representing the vibration of the universe. The most powerful of all Indian mantras! It has four parts and represents four states of consciousness and the four seasons of life. The seasons remind us that we need to live fully in the present moment.

Which season of life are you in? 
This thought process cultivates mindfulness.  
How can you live more mindfully? 

Live an inspired life!   

This hoodie is infused with Amethyst, Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Citrine. 

Energetic properties of our crystals infusion

Amethyst:  Protect your energy body
Rose Quartz: Opens your heart
Quartz:  Bring you mental clarity, and spiritual receptiveness
Citrine:  Brings you wealth and abundance, and  happiness

•Made in Encinitas

• There is also a 3" Ganesh on the right back shoulder to make sure Ganesh has always got your back.

• Gorgeous, radiant colors.   

• Angel Ganesh's are hidden in them

• This design is inspired by Richard Scarry kids books with the hidden flying elephants within each heart.

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