September 26, 2018 3 min read

I love sharing this information with you.   Its part of my Dharma.   
Why are we here? 
What is our purpose?
I first started studying Tantric philosphy in 2004.  It changed my life.
May you experience ultimate freedom as you remind yourself to dance the cosmic dance - Chad Satlow Founder of Third Eye Threads
5 acts of Shiva Natarajasana from the Tantric Perspective.
This is a tantric interpretation of the universe.
The universe is represented in this one mythological statue which is the basis of Kashmir Shivaism.  We have added some Siva tees to help you remind yourself of the how amazing life is.
The little person Siva is standing on is Apus Maru.
Apus Maru is a like a 2-year old that Shiva keeps his foot to keep him from getting away.  He represents forgetfulness.
Its Ok that we forget things.  For example, If a woman did not forget the pain of childbirth,  she would never have another child.   We forget the pain we experienced from previous relationships and eventually love again.    This is why Apus Maru is kept in such a playful manner as compared to Shiva smashing him into oblivion.
He dances to the beat of the Damaru.   This is one handed drum he is holding in his upper right hand.  The Damaru goes ka kung, ka kung.   It is the pulsation of the universe.  This pulsation is in everything.  
The pulsation of all living things cells.   The pulsation of our breath, hearts, and bank accounts,   Its the pulsation of our love life, and the universe all in one.   When our heart ceases to pulsate we no longer dance the dance.
Shiva dances the ecstatic dance to remind us that life is one big dance and to not take it so seriously.   His dreadlocks are out to the side because he is dancing so fully to the pulsation of the universe.  
Shiva covers his heart.  This represents our life purpose and the play that is the experience of remembering our true nature.
"The main purpose of the practice is for the revelation of Self-knowledge (Chit): the awakening of our highest nature and the remembrance of who we are as aspects of the Divine; for the delight of creative expression (Ananda). 
As artistic co-creators of beauty we enjoy the freedom of being, to love and exult in the innate goodness of life."  - Taken from Anusara website, the type of yoga I have been practicing since 2004.
This is referred to as Chit Ananda.  
We are here on earth to remember our that Blissfulness is our essence.
Gratitude is the attitude
    This is to remind us why we are here on earth.  For the revealment of our hearts.   This is why we have come to earth.  Our essential nature is goodness.   To eat from the buffet of life. smell the incredible smells,  taste the delicious foods, and remember our true nature.   
Embodiment is not transitory experience to some other realm that is better.   It is because of our embodiment that we can make love,  hold hands, dream,  experience all the joys life has to offer.
Shiva holds fire in one hand at the same level as he holds the Damaru.   Fire reminds us of the finite life we live and that one thing has to die before another can be born again.   Shiva is the Destroyer.  Even the when the forest burns down.  It grows back healthier in time.   All the seeds are given a fresh start.    
Abhaya  Mudra:
  Siva holds his hand up in the Abaya Mudra to reminds us that no matter what happens to us,  everything will work itself out.  We get divorced,  fired,  sick,  etc.   It doesn’t matter. The newt right thing will happen.   We will meet someone more amazing.   We will get offered a better job,  we help other heal.   
Walk through the fire.   Shiva is surrounded by fire.  The fire is scary but Shiva reminds us to proceed with confidence.   We the choice to move forward or backward.  Shiva reminds us to step forward.  We can handle whatever the universe presents us.
Shiva’s front foot is stepping forward.  This is to remind us that we need to open to grace and align with the divine energy that is in us and all around us.
The female energy of the universe is represented by the snakes that surround Shiva.   This reminds us to stay balanced with the yin/yang nature of the universe.