June 01, 2018

Why Infuse Apparel With Crystal Vibrations


My passion in life is to help people, the planet, and animals to heal and raise there vibration.

Are you familiar with energy vortexes?   I discovered them for the first time in 1985 on my family vacation to Maui.  Watching the sunrise on the volcano and feeling the majestic beauty of that place was unforgettable.   We spent the day riding bicycles down the volcano experience the beauty of the tranquility of the various elevations.  

I have been visiting energy vortexes ever since.  Many I stumbled upon by accident.   

Have you ever been to a place and said "This place has amazing energy"  This is what I'm talking about.

Infusing clothing with crystals vibrations was the next evolution in that journey.   I led my first yoga, hiking and healing retreat to Sedona in 2004. 

It was there that I picked up my first energy vortex crystals and stones and placed them on the altar of my fledgling yoga center.

Its been almost 20 years that I have collecting crystals rocks from sacred locations.   

Infusing the clothing with the crystals was something that probably came to me in a meditation.   Our goal has always to make conscious apparel that is good for you, and the environment.  

We wanted to make high vibration, eco-friendly apparel at a price point that everyone could afford.    Since our inks are water based,  I felt that the crystal vibrations could raise the frequency of ink.  This being our intention alone is a powerful intention.

Third Eye Threads infuses our clothes with crystal vibrations.  

These subtle vibrations combined with our inspiring designs will have

you manifesting your destiny.

How do we do it? 

Watch a video by our founder Chad Satlow explaining our process here.

(View Video Here)

Current stones include:  

Vortex Crystal from Sedona, rose quartz, smoky quartz,  amethyst, and citrine.


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