The Solo N95 Respirator And Social Distancing Combo Pack

Social Distancing Reusable Mask Cover and N95 Respirator Insert
"Non-medical looking and less scary" - Amy 

"Order placed. Great idea, Chad!  I was looking for a machine washable mask that I could use whenever I go out! Love the different designs and the whole concept."  - Katrina Owner of Yoga Del Mar, CA

Our face mask is made of two layers of anti-microbial fabric.    It features and opening that allows common anti-viral filters to be easily inserted and removed.  

An N95 rated mask is recommended for workers in Hospitals and on the front lines of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Article by the FDA on N95 masks view here 

  • Purchasing our social distancing mask cover and this mask combined with our mask cover will help protect you when you leave your home.   
  • When the N95 mask is worn by a positive testing coronavirus person, it will help keep the disease from spreading to other family members

The mask cover creates a barrier from the actual N95 mask so that if you touch the mask cover or you get sneezed on, or coughed on that that you have multiple barriers to getting the virus in your body.

Wearing the mask cover will keep your actual mask from getting soiled.


This is not being sold as a medical device.   Our intention is to protect and help as many people as we can as fast as we can.   



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