EU Certified KN95 Masks.   FDA certificate located in the image section.   We recommend buying these filters with our specially designed social distancing cover masks. 

Our local hospitals are not accepting these KN95 respirators.  We have not been able to get these masks into the hospital supply chain.   

We have sold these and our cover masks to airline pilots, stewardesses,  nursing home workers, yogis, senior citizens traveling etc.

We are not selling these as medical devices.

We do recommend wearing these with our social distancing cover masks.   Health care workers are getting one of these a day.   If you wear your KN95 in conjunction with our social distancing mask, you can protect the KN95 from getting contaminated.   Its very common to touch counters and your face unconsciously.   The KN95 with the social distancing mask will provide the best protection package in our opinion.

We are not making medical claims.   We are selling these respirators as an accessory to our social distancing masks.


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