Blueberry Hanuman Surf Racerback Tank

This is an awesome practice tee or layering piece.  It has an elegant finish that will be one of your favorite Third Eye Threads tops. 

Hanuman Surfing is pretty epic. Its Says "Surf The Cosmic Waves" along the top of the wave. The cosmic waves are the pulsation of life that is always expanding and contracting.

Surfing and yoga are expressions of our desire to be free in body, mind, and spirit. After 3.5 years of meditation and manifesting, we finally found the right illustrator to bring it to life.

This a huge hit for fans of this monkey super hero. Who does not love the ocean and monkeys?
Show your playful side and rock this shirt!

Hanuman is the very first super hero. His story is told in the Ramayana, an Indian epic. 

If you just like monkeys and don't really care about Indian mythology, you will still get a lot of compliments.

The Hanuman in this design is from when he was little and thought the sun was a huge, ripe mango. He was flying toward it to eat it. Luckily that did not work out. Remember your own greatness and share the love. 

15% linen 85% Poly 




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