Humming Bird White Long Sleeve V-Neck Burnout

Our garments are fitted, vibrant, and hand printed using the world's most eco-friendly printing processes.
This luxurious, long sleeve white burnout is a semi-sheer cotton/ poly blend. It is hand treated to remove some of the cotton for a super soft, vintage feel.

Sacral Chakra represents self-esteem and sexual power and intuition. It is symbolized by a lotus flower with a half moon inside. The sacral chakra will help you unleash your enthusiasm, joy, and creative powers. Burnout tank is semi-sheer cotton/ poly blend. Wash gentle cycle and hang dry

Hand treated cotton/poly burnout for vintage feel and lookDesigns are Artisan printed sublimations. They are gassed directly into the fabric to make them super soft to the touch with no hand.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic Swiss inks are used for vibrant and lustrous prints
Made in California


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