California Love On White Key Hole Back Tee

If you have been to Northern or Southern California, you have been a witness to this state's grand beauty. Its geography ranges from mountains to deserts, and from beaches to hot springs. You can surf, ski or hike your way across it. The weather is temperate, and the rich valleys are home to farms boasting luscious fruits and vegetables, as well as to vineyards producing some of the world's finest wines. San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco are just a few of this state's most memorable cities. 

This luxurious, USA made (Los Angeles) long sleeve burnout is a semi-sheer cotton/ poly blend. It is hand treated to remove some of the cotton for a super soft, vintage feel.

Ganesh is the Indian patron of good luck and good fortune. He will help you to overcome the obstacles and adversity in your life. 

We try to hide Ganesh in most designs. Kind of like Where's Waldo, or that little worm in the Richard Scarry's Book

Show off your favorite sports bra with this fabulous tee

Made in California 

65% polyester 35% viscose fabric



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