April 02, 2020

"Non-medical looking and less scary" - Amy
"Order placed. Great idea, Chad!  I was looking for a machine washable mask that I could use whenever I go out! Love the different designs and the whole concept."  - Katrina Owner of Yoga Del Mar, CA
Frequently Asked Questions
Why wear an N95 mask?  N95 rated mask is recommended for workers in Hospitals and 1st responders.   On the front lines of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Article by the FDA on N95 masks view here  
Why Not Just Donate the social distancing masks and N95 Respirators?
As of 4/2/20, we are happily donating cover masks and N95 respirators in a 1 to 5 donation ratio. For every 5 we sell we will donate 1.
Our core business of Crystal vibration infused athleisure has imploded with the pandemic.  We are sitting on bills and a tremendous amounts of unsold inventory we had ramped up for Spring 2020.   We are the farthest thing from millionaires.  Despite this,  we are going to donate in a 1 to 5 ration.    This will be retroactive.   Have you seen my 1991 retired surveillance work truck with 159,000 miles?
What do you mean sharing is caring?
Our philosophy is create a social good and sharing the benefits with those that are less fortunate.  
Who will we be donating to?   We are donating social distancing masks and N95 respirators at ratio of 1 to every 5 sold.  We are evaluating worthy organizations to donate to.   We invite your suggestions to Chad@thirdeyethreads.com

Why make a social distancing mask that can be used used in affiliation with an "N95" Filter?   

I have learned a few things speaking with doctors, nurses, and those on the front line of this pandemic.   ER doctors are only getting one respirator per day.  There is lots of anxiety with this.   This patent pending cover mask is going to save lives.  Our meeting with the Mayo clinic went a amazing and they should be the first hospital to bring in the social distancing mask.  I will let you know when we get the PO.   

My experience  the past few years has been direct to consumer which is why we are focusing on this market.  I think in the "during covid" and "post Covid" world, many people will want personal protection.  

How did you come the idea for social distancing mask?   

A mask was originally created that never really sold well for outdoor music festivals.  Myself and my yoga pants supplier are sitting on a lot of inventory that we have on credit.   While brainstorming how to survive, the mask was suggested as a way for us to stay afloat as online products sales have collapsed.   

After showing it to a patent attorney,  fire was lit.   The patent attorney immediately placed an order.    Three days later we sold 1700 to senior facility.  Three days later retail sales started on our website.  Now orders are being submitted for $150,000.  

How did you come up with the price for the N95?

We are manufacturing the covers in the USA and are offering a volume discount on units purchased.   We are keeping the price N95 respirators static because we have a very limited availability at this time.   

There are a tremendous amount of counterfeit N95 respirators flooding the market.  

We decided to pay substantially higher prices for a documented respirator.  We have  paid for the fasted air freight possible.   We have a trusted boots on the ground contractor assisting us in making this happen in China.

We looked for the lowest priced, highest quality, N95 mask on Amazon March 31  which is in the picture I used.   It was $22 plus 5.99 shipping.   Today I saw N95 masks for $79 on Ebay.   

As of today this item has been removed.   All the N95 respirators I saw today on Amazon are available for Hospitals only.   The cheapest non documented "N95" mask I saw today was $9.00 wholesale on Ebay.  Link Here. (Notice each mask they show is different kind.  Looks fake to me.

See our documentation below.   We decided to pay a lot more for a documented product.   See below

When will the N95 mask arrive?  

We paid for expedited  air freight.   The fastest, most expensive option.   The Masks are tracking with DHL to arrive April 5.   

You may know that even Amazon packages are being delayed up to two weeks. 

We would like to ship the N95 masks by April 15 to consumers.  We are not in control of the expedited air freight, customs, or any other unforeseen issues.

What if I bought a combo pack? 

If you buy a combo pack, we will ship your social distancing mask cover when it is finished and then ship out the N95 masks separately free of charge USPS.

Why not sell to hospitals?

I spoke to an emergency room physician ( a third eye threads active wear customer), a former UCSD professor physician, nurses, and hospital clinicians.  

We cannot sell  directly to the hospitals as we are not in there current supply chain.  Hospitals are not wearing homemade masks or just about any other donated item.  

What is the CE certification?   

The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.   More info Here

We also have an FDA certificate you can see below

Are these 3M N95 respirators? 

No 3M is a brand that makes respirators in China.

We did try to use a long time friend that through his company sells safety supplies, including respirators to NASA, the CDC and hospitals.    Every N95 item they had sold out and they have pre sold the through mid may any future supply.    He is not allowed to open new accounts for these products.

It was with his encouragement that I decided to take the risk on getting the N95 respirators we are receiving.  


Enclosed are the high resolution product images and certificates we requested. 

The state of everything is very fluid.   I have become an arm chair expert on N95 masks in the past week compared to your normal US citizen.   If you have further questions.  Please feel free to contact me directly


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INSIDE OF KN95 MASKFDA N95 Certificate


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